Match Schedule

BadgerIDPA plans an outdoor match per month in the warmer months, and two matches per month when shooting indoors in order to serve as many people as possible.  Match times may vary (see listings below), but indoor matches held at Shooters’ Sports Center in Racine typically Registration: 5:15 pm, Setup: When range is available, New Shooter Briefing 6:15, Mandatory Safety Briefing:  6:30 pm. Outdoor Matches at Schultz’s: Setup: 7:30 am, Registration or check in: 9:00 am, New Shooter Briefing: 9:30 am, Mandatory Safety Briefing: 9:45 am.

Indoor Match Note: The club attempts to balance attendance at the indoor matches and thus limit the hours spent at the range with a maximum attendance cap for shooters and staff. We will have two indoor matches per month, but the attendance per match will be capped at 40 shooters total (staff and shooters). When the match registration announcement is made and shooters and staff are able to sign up, the first 32 shooters to register will be allowed to shoot the match; along with 8 staff members. Those 32 shooters are then asked to allow others to participating in the next match, unless the 32 open positions are not filled by other shooters. We sponsor a special member appreciation event in December for Badger IDPA members only.



2/17/18 – Shooters


3/3/18 – Shooters

3/17/18 – Shooters

4/7/18 – Shooters

“Load and Make Ready!”