What to Expect / Comments

Setup and range preparation typically begins 1-2 hours before a match, depending on how many stages can be setup at a time – fewer for indoor matches.  Registration normally begins an hour before the match and a Safety Meeting is typically 15 minutes before the match.

You MUST attend the safety meeting to be able to shoot. If you arrive late and miss the safety meeting you will not be able to shoot. Also, eye and ear protection are required for everyone who goes out into the range.IDPASquare

Find details on the equipment you need on our Equipment page.

New Shooters:

If you are a new shooter, we ask that you do not gear up until after the safety meetings. At the new shooter briefing, we will discuss equipment placement (holster and mag carriers).

The New Shooter Briefing is mandatory for all shooters without a current national IDPA membership, or if you have not shot an IDPA match previously. We will hold the New Shooter Briefing prior to the standard Safety Briefing. If a shooter without a current IDPA membership number does not attend the New Shooter Briefing they will not be allowed to participate in the match. As always, all shooters must also attend the standard Safety Briefing in order to participate in the match.

Here is a video on Safety Areas:


Here is our New Shooter Information Brochure and our YouTube video on Range Comands:

A video on Cover:

Another on Cover and Reloads:

The entire rule book is found on the IDPA HQ website.

Finally you can expect friendly, helpful people to get you started.  Just ask the Match Director or one of the Safety Officers.

Comments from our shooters:

“I have been shooting with BIDPA for almost 7 years…I walked away from today’s match and I hadn’t even checked my final score….as I sit here tonight…I think I know why.

It’s the people. Yes I shoot to compete, yes I checked my final score when Ed sent them out. But I knew today was a success before I fired my last shot.

I had fun.

I learned more about what I can shoot well and what I need to work on. I appreciated the folks…who celebrated a score that’s nearly double theirs…because they knew that was good run for me!

This is what made today and the last seven years a lot of fun.

I will be back for more!”

One of our members had this to say after recently moving to a southern state: “having now experienced two different ranges and clubs, I cannot express how awesome Badger IDPA is as a club and how grateful we need to be to have access to a club like Schultz’s. The bays that I now shoot in are about the size of #4 @ Schultz’s. And there are only four bays at one club and five at the other. I did not realize how well run Badger IDPA as a club was run until I experienced the clubs here…So the next time that you shoot a match, make sure that you show some love to the board, fellow members and the ranges that we have access to. And think of Scott Walker and your legislators that opened up the gun laws in WI that allow you to walk into your favorite FFL and walk out the same day with that cool new pistol.”

Another Comment: “Shooting IDPA matches with the Badger members is one of my favorite things to do. I can never thank you all enough for the time, dedication, professionalism and kindness you put in to these events.”